YAY!!  You're All Set!!

We're so glad you're here!!  So...what's next?

  1. Request to join the Private Let's Move Challenge Facebook group HERE.

  2. Daily workouts will be posted in the Facebook group each evening for the following day.

  3. Get to working on your fitness by completing the Challenge of the Day!

  4. Get creative and let everyone know you've done the work!  Take a pic of the aftermath, a video of your last 5 reps, or a time lapse of your last round and post it to the Facebook Group or your Instagram story and mention @crossfit_kicaster 

  5. Tag 5 people in the group to help remind them to get their workout in!

  6. Social distancing at home with family?  Get them in on the fun, too!  We love it when families are active together!!

  7. Fitness is better with friends, invite them to join the Challenge...they can sign up at any point during the 8 weeks!

P.S.  This challenge will help get you ready for "Murph" on May 25, 2020!


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