Free Home Workout Challenge!

A lot of us are at home, bored, and missing the gym. This 8-week bodyweight challenge is here to keep you on track and focused on moving forward.  

Need Some Accountability??

Couldn't we all use some accountability when trying to be active?  Well, we've got you!  With daily check-ins on our Private Facebook Group & Instagram, we can help hold each other accountable!

Anyone Can Join!

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can take this on!

We will be incorporating some basic bodyweight movements into our Let's Move Challenge, and providing modifications for the movements so ANYONE can join!

March 23 - May 18, 2020

Join anytime during the 8-week period...click below to sign up, get more details, and to get access to our Private Let Move Facebook Group...we can't wait to see you there!!


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